Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Annotation #8

Animal Liberation

Peter Singer describes how most humans are speciesists. This means most humans allow that their taxes to pay for the experimentation of other “lower” species as long as they are not being performed on their own kind. The scientists save their conscience by saying that animals are equipment used in their experiments.

Annotation #7

Cures and Creatures Great and Small

People against animal experimentations argue that it’s a not moral, evil action that should be stopped. Jeremy Bentham asks “can they reason, talk or feel pain?” Answer is yes they do and can. Scientists that use rats say they have a similar nervous system to humans. Pain is an evil that should not be placed on a child, adult or animal. People that wish to continue experimenting say that society has an obligation to minimize harm and to maximize benefits. Stopping would result in bad consequences. Even though scientists try to minimize pain by using pain killers, those sometime interrupt with results so they can not always be used. They say the benefits out weigh the suffering of animals. Experimenting produces good results even at the cost of inflicting pain on animals.