Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Hannah Peterson
Hatten Hour 4
Problem Solution Essay
Kin Hubbard once said, “Don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation.” This quote is very true today because there has been much talk of weather in recent years due to the change in the Earth’s climate. People are seeing a definite change in our climate, and not for the better. This is a slow change but is affecting us greatly. We know there is a change because of the increase in temperatures and the rise of CO2 gases being omitted into our air, which are creating a greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. These increases are due to humans and our uses of fossil fuels. The continuation of the change in the climate will be harmful for our environment. People need to make small changes in their lives and take initiative to start the process of reversing this change.

It is hard to ignore the change in our climate when the facts and data are out there for us to see. The top ten highest temperature years have all occurred since 1990. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the top 5 hottest years have been 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. EPA states that during the 1990’s the surface temperature of the earth raised 1.2-1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Judith Curry says in an article about hurricanes that since 1970 the sea temperatures have increased an average of 1 degree. This has resulted in 50% more tropical storms and hurricanes in the past 30 years, proving that this change is happening. Some say that hurricane Katrina was a result of this increase in temperature. Between 1961 and 1997, 890 cubic miles of glacier ice has melted. According to Global Warming Myths and Facts, scientists predict that up to a quarter of the global mountain glacier mass could disappear by 2050, and up to half by 2100. They also say that Carbon Dioxide is normal for our atmosphere, but the norm is 180-300ppm. Right now there is 380ppm of CO2. That is 25% more Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere. All of these facts and statistics prove that the earth’s temperatures are rising and it is changing.

The largest contribution to the increase in temperature and climate change is humans. Scientists say that we are the leading cause. We do things that significantly add to the amount of gases that cause the greenhouse effect and make our temperatures rise. For example, EPA for Kids warns that everyday activities like watching TV, turning on a light, driving a car, and using a microwave omit bad greenhouse gases into the air. EPA also adds that some of these activities include the burning of fossil fuels and biomass to make these things run. There are many fossil fuels that are being omitted into the air more then normal, like coal, oil and natural gas. This produces aerosols that omit more heat into our atmosphere. This increases our temperatures. Global Warming Myths and Facts also says that an increase in temperature is also do to the fact that more and more deforestation is occurring, putting more CO2 into the air then ever before. This increase of CO2 is a major cause of the rising temperatures. NASA cautions us by saying that an increase in land use and CO2 production its contributing to the rising temperatures. Everything is all linked and since we are increasing our activity and use of fossil fuels, it contributes to the increase in temperature.

The rise in temperatures, caused by humans, is contributing to the change in our environment. If a rise in sea temperature continues, glaciers will melt and the sea level will rise, resulting in climate changes and dangers for the coasts. The rise in temperatures is resulting in different season patterns for parts of the world. So, humans are contributing to the rise in temperatures, which in turn contributes to the change in our environment.

There are many things humans can do to stagger the increase of harmful gases and fossil fuels into the atmosphere. And if enough is done we can stop these harmful gases and save our climate. The United States Environmental Protection Agency advices us to take small steps in helping our environment by decreasing the harmful gases sent into the air. First, you can you Energy Star Label products on all appliances, like refrigerators and microwaves. It is also important to use them for lighting. They say to clean your heating and air conditioning filters so they do not submit bad toxins into the air. Instead of using harmful coal as an energy source, use Green Power, it is eco friendly. And one of the most helpful ways is to recycle. That way you can save the earths natural resources, because unlike most believe, they are not an unlimited resource.

There is a change in our environment and it will be harmful for us if it continues. Our earth is increasing in temperature and has gotten hotter in most recent years. The environment is an unstable thing and humans are not helping it by increasing the amounts of harmful gases and fossil fuels. The change in our environment is due to the rising temperatures. Humans are contributing mostly to this problem by not being environmentally friendly with their energy resources. Fixing the problem can be easily done, people just need to take the initiative and do it.

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