Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Break RAFT

I didn't go any where for spring break. I stayed home and hung out with my friends a lot of the time. On the first Sunday of break I went to Disney Princess Wishes on ICE. It was the cutest thing. I love Disney. I also watched Disney movies with my younger sister while I babysat her. I was with Dani R. a lot, sat at her house and waited for people to pick us up (mike k). I would try to go to bed at a reasonable hour but I would always get late night phone calls from people and an unreasonable hour. But it was OK. I enjoyed them. My friends and I went to Target a lot because there is not much else to do in this town I like to call Oakdale. I practiced my driving because I have my Drivers Test this upcoming Thursday (yaay). Spring Break was pretty fun. I have no complaints. I just really like hanging out with my friends and doing whatever we wanted. I'm really excited to come back to school for tri 3. I feel like we just started the school year though. It went by so fast. Some of the teachers are saying that we should be taking on more responsibility since we are now closer to being Juniors than we are Freshman. Well I don't feel that way. There has not been that big of a transition. My classes are still the same with the same teachers, and even in the same order. tri 3 should be just as much fun as the rest of the year. =]

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