Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #3

Article: Ask the Doc; What are alternatives to animal testing?

Non animal testing methods are more ethical and translate better to humans. There are many differences in biology, chemistry and physiology when testing on animals.
Selective Formulation- using previously tested ingredients eliminates the need to test them again, works well when making a new line of products.
Human Cultures- Epiderm and EpiSkin are human skin cells that are grown in a test tube. They mimic human skin. Testing cosmetics on these is much better than rabbits.
Corrositex- another test tube option that is easy to read the results by color change.
EpiOcular- skin cells created to mimic the eye cornea, replaces rabbit eye irritant test.
Physiological chip- 1 x 1 inch square of cells that mimic the complex functions of the human body. It can test harmful and beneficial effects of drugs.
Cellular tests- measures white bloog cell response to chemicals

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